Jason's the apple of my eye.  Actually that's just his reflection in my glasses.  You can't hold a parasol and take a selfie.


Kim's mom says that we met in a biker bar.  That's not exactly true, but it's a good story.  We really met and became friends years before the biker bar (interpretation: a place Kim rode her bike to).

Lucky for me, the biker bar (did I mention Kim was wearing a bicycle helmet?) had a jukebox and Magners.  I found out how great Kim's taste in music was.  (But it took a lot longer for me to appreciate the taste of cider.)

Mix tapes were made.  Love letters were exchanged. The Decemberists were listened to.  Delicious food was cooked together.  Love and a partnership were found.  Now we're getting married.

Which makes me very happy. 

← Because I adore this girl.


This is where he hypnotized me with a psychedelic art wall. → 


← This is where she said "Yes."